After purchasing and absolutely devouring Company Commander (see my last blog post) I purchased this and too be honest it was a huge disappointment.  SS Panzer – SS Voices is supposed to be a transcript from interviews carried out with Panzer crews in 1962.  It however just doesn’t ring true.  Terminology seems just not right… I’m not sure but its like someone has sat and made it all up as it just sounds ridiculous.  The questions asked are not the questions an interviewer with any experience would ask.  Added to the fact that it is all done anonymously makes it stink a little bit more as no checking can be done into the validity of the information passed during the interviews.

It doesn’t read very well either, I’m unsure if this is because of the translation from the original German transcripts (if they exist) or because the whole thing was made up by a teenager who simply likes explaining in great detail how many ways a human body can get torn apart by a tank shell.

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This book is rubbish, it is short, inarticulate and gives the whole impression that these interviews never actually took place.  Avoid this one guys.

  1. So deceiving that one…..looking at the Title you would think
    it will be good, for this I understand why you chose it, and of
    course just reading a very good book….Company Commander
    that book wants some beating

  2. This sounds very familiar – in a bad way.

    Tone and style resemble very much “Sniper on the Eastern Front” which is confirmed Neo-Nazi Propaganda (I read it in German). I know for sure that the latter is completely forged, it even contains photoshoped pictures.

    Coming from Germany and being a war-nerd for decades, I can just warn you from these books, they are pro-Nazi fiction.

    Do you know “Breaking the Panzers” by Kevin Baverstock? Have a look at it, I found it to be absolutely fantastic!

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