Hi Guys Today I received an email from Paolo over at Slitherine with some news about the upcoming game Panzer Corps 2 that is in development.  A lot of us here played Panzer Corps and its DLC packs over the years and it was defined as one of the go to ‘beer and pretzel’ games amongst our ranks.  The news that PC2 was in development is no secret but we now have a couple of screenshots to drool over.  They […]

DESERT WAR 1940-42

Desert War 1940-1942 from Matrix Games From the Pillars of Hercules to the tombs of Pharaohs, a timeless land spreads where Roman Legions once marched and track laying tanks now maneuver.  It is a place where the thunders of war pause at sunset when radios emit a melancholy melody and the lyrics of “Lili Marlene” echo across Saharan sands. In March 2018 Matrix Games releases “Desert War 1940-1942”. The Few Good Men (FGM) first noticed this game being developed four […]