2016 Clan Battle vs OWC announced!

Gentlemen it is with great pleasure I announce to you the launch of the 2016 FGM vs OWC Clan Battle.  After getting well and truly dumped on in 2015’s competition Rafastar and myself have come up with an updated format that will prove both fair and exciting for 2016.

The tournament will be set over 5 scenarios using CMBN and CMRT.  Starting with CMBN and then alternating each round.

Scenarios will be picked on their balance.

OWC will provide their players and we will match the number they can rustle up.

Half of us will play the scenario as Axis and half as Allied.

The points scored will get added to team totals and at the end the team with the most points claims the 2016 title.

Stay tuned for further info.  OWC will pick the first scenario and advise us how many players they have theb we open up recruitment on a first come first served basis.


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