Rafa from the website ‘Ostfront Wargames‘ has been in touch in relation to getting a small tournament going between our respective clubs.

We are still at an early stage of proceedings but we are looking at having 10 players per side and to use CMRT as the vessel for our tournament.

I have come up with a little idea that I have put to Rafa and he will approach his club to see if it is acceptable to them.  I didn’t want to organise anything to big or something that would never see a conclusion so I have come up with this idea.  Bare in mind it is a rough draft.


Basically we have our 10 players (Axis) line up against their 10 players (Russian).  We start of in June 1944 (first battle of the tournament is a ME then all battles thereafter are Att v Def).  Battle parameters are on the above graphic.  Force selection will be automatic and a map will be provided by me for each battle.

So the June 1944 ME battle is tiny, 30 minutes long, dawn / clear and fought using Infantry only (auto-purchase) and I will make the map.

10 vs 10 and all the scores get added together.  The winner then goes on the attack. If the Germans win the ME they would attack towards the right… aiming for the German Victory tile.  So a step to the right is a small German Attack using Mech Infantry over 30 minutes in clear conditions at Dawn.  Again the results get added together.  If the Germans lose the impetus falls on the Russians and the tile slides back to the left which will be a tiny att v def (June 1944 ME is only on the first turn).. if they win again they take another step towards the Russian Victory tile.

I have put this to them and will let you know what they come back with.  We are not recruiting just now but will be in the near future. So don’t ask for a spot until it goes live on the forums… first come first served basis with room fro reserves if need be.

This is quite an interesting little system and if anyone fancies tackling me using it I can certainly finish of the above graphic and we can start our own little 2 player campaign.  Drop me a mail.  Again first come gets the slot against me.  🙂

  1. Boots,
    Looks a good idea. I like the Tug O War type approach. Could be good fun. Maybe the odd ‘Joker’ to play at some point in the campaign to provide something extra to the side playing it. E.g. an attack joker adds extra armour to the attacking side for the scenario, a defend joker adds more arty or gun emplacements for defender. To be used when a final push is needed or last ditch defence to stave off defeat.

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