Yay… I’ve finally got my first couple of H2H games in CMBS up and running, despite owning the game since the day of release I just haven’t had the time to play due to family, work and website commitments.  My first 2 enemies are Examiner2 and Fredrocker.

Examiner2 is a new member to The FGM having joined on February 3rd 2015 and I have to say he has a decent file turnaround and if anything my work commitments are the reason for any slow down at all… despite that we are cracking along at a good old pace.

I am Ukrainian defenders and he is attacking a small Ukrainian village with his Russian forces.  In the first turn I was hit with a dreadful artillery barrage by the Russians but managed to rally my units and very soon artillery fire was falling on his lines of advance.  This has slowed him down a lot but through sheer force of numbers he has pushed his infantry to within touching distance of the outskirts of the town.  It will be interesting to see how this one unfolds.

In the other battle against long time member Fredrocker things are not going as well.  We are fighting an infantry only meeting engagement in a large city.  I appear to be on the losing side at the minute as my casualties are mounting by the turn.  Im not actually keen on fighting in city-scapes… I find it all very linear and not at all like it should be when fighting in a built up area.

My forces lie dead in the street.  CMBS.
My forces lie dead in the street. vs Fredrocker

I have barely scratched the surface of CMBS but my initial impression is that its damn violent.  Death comes fast and frequently and it is such a shock to move from the WW2 environment of Combat Mission into the modern era where weapons deal death with nearly every shot.  I wouldn’t say I’m completely sold on the modern warfare but I am interested enough to keep playing and to work my way through the layers of what this title has to offer.

  1. I am not sure why Bootie thinks he is losing… I have to admit the amount of lead being thrown around the battlefield is staggering compared to WWII action… First thing I noticed is (WILL my troops have enough ammo to last 15 minutes)… Its always good to play Bootie as he is a very worthy opponent, and his tactics are spot on… I say this one is still way to early to tell who is doing well and who isn’t… Gots to remember my track record… lol

  2. In the second part of my military career, I went from being a Marine Light Infantryman, to an Army Mech Infantry outfit. One of the first things the old timers taught me, “was that if you can see it, you can kill it.” Which was so much different than my time in Vietnam, where you rarely saw your opponent.

    • That pretty much hits the nail on the head with Black Sea…. if your seen and your opponent is awake… your going to be in for some hurtin’.

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