This is a shout out to Rocketman who has only been a member a few days but has already achieved his scenario design ribbon.  Its great that new members are producing content and joining us in the process.  The Scenario Design Ribbon is awarded to members who produce scenarios and upload them to TSDIII.  Remember to claim your ribbons by emailing me direct.  There are a lot of ribbons up for grabs on this site.

  1. @Bootie, Would you consider changing the color for “Upload Scenario” button on TPGII page? I visited several times looking for an upload mechanism on the side of the landing page before realizing it was a menu bar option on the top. It didn’t stand out enough from “Home” or “About” buttons left of it for me to notice. I suggest a maize yellow color similar to that used for “CMX2 beta scenario testing” font. Kudos to Rocketman! Thank you.

  2. Well done Rocketman My hat comes of to Scenario designers …..They help to
    keep the Clubs running and interesting Cheers Sir

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