Hi Guys

A little update on what has been happening recently on the FGM front.  As you know I have resurrected The Scenario Depot III and am currently hard at work on The Proving Grounds II and another ‘project’ that I cant say too much about at present so although I haven’t been round the site too much recently let it be known that I have been working my ass of in the background.

On the actual FGM side of things the site is running well.  We have maintained a constant membership of around 190-200 members.  If we didn’t do the culling of members who join and don’t post within 7 days to say hello or the 3 month no log in cull our member base would be in the thousands… but why have a member base so huge yet not know who the active guys are hence the cull.  So to the 200 odd guys out there who are classed as active I thank you for your membership, friendship and support.

The Operation Overlord Campaign is about to move into its next phase with only one battle remaining of this round and The Clan War against The Ostfront Wargaming Club moves onto Round 4 with the FGM guys struggling to come to terms with the devastating firepower of the Russian SMGs.

So just a short update but in the coming weeks my activity level should rise once again as projects get completed here in the back rooms of The FGM.  🙂

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