With the Operation Overlord Campaign being mid-battle and nothing for me to do on it until all the battles in this round are completed and with the FGM v Ostfront War gaming Club tournament up and running I have found time to catch up on some CM gaming.

I have one CM : Afghanistan game ongoing, two CM : Black Sea, one CM : Red Thunder and one CM : Battles for Normandy running currently.

CM : Afghanistan – The Cotton Route versus Kuderian

I am the Mujahideen and I’m attempting to disrupt a cotton convoy being protected by Soviet Mechanised Infantry forces.  The plan was to sit tight until they reached the bridge and then to attack but my amateur fighters got excited and started shooting earlier at the limit of their range thus blowing their cover and making them sitting ducks.  Not good.. I will not win this one as area fire is tearing me to shreds.










CM : Black Sea – QB versus Fredrocker

Fred and I are still battling it out in the city.  Basically we have our positions on the map… have dug in and are plastering each other with hot lead.  This battle highlights exactly why I dislike city maps in CMX2.  More often than not you get your position and your opponent get theirs.  Assaulting buildings is suicidal and you end up in a stalemate hoping your opponent runs out of ammo first.

CM : Black Sea – QB versus Examiner2

This battle started with a bang with my defensive positions being plastered with artillery fire which basically made me hide low until it passed.  Then I targeted my artillery and my opponent got his head down.  Then there was some frantic long rang shooting and it stayed like that for the best part of 15 minutes.  Now his arty has started again and I can see an assault forming up as he moves his infantry into position to assault the small village Im protecting.

CM : Red Thunder – Club v Club Tournament vs Packito

This battle has not officially started yet as I have just sent the first file of to my opponent.

CM : Battles for Normandy – CMPzC Mash Up Campaign against Odin

Odin and I are working through a small Panzer Campaigns scenario to iron out a rule set that can be used for a future bigger undertaking.  So far Odin has had the upper hand and I’m just sort of struggling by.  Some of the rules are straight forward… others not so much.  Hopefully by the time we have finished we will have an easy to understand definitive rule set that isn’t like a large dusty tome. Hopefully….

Odin is working hard on this… I’m just his guinea pig.

And that concludes my total gaming in CM at the minute.  I am however looking for an opponent to give the Club v Club tournament format a go in 1 v 1.  I have asked previously but had no takers.  Still waiting….



  1. … and a first rate guinea pig too 😉

    Is there a feed for the FGM v Ostfront tournament? I remember reading something a while back but haven’t come across anything recently

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