Hi Guys

I have been ridiculously busy these last few weeks so thank-you very much for standing by and awaiting the update of the OOC.  To date I have the orders all in for the next days fighting in Normandy and after a final OK from the commanders to implement their plans the battles will be made and we will be back on the battlefield again.  There has been talk recently about how we are going to end the OOC but having considered it I think we just stand by it and let it run its course.  There are objectives for the 2 commanders and we will play this through until those objectives are met.  As battle groups get worn down and removed from the map the process will speed up to its final conclusion so keep battling. Despite being under-way for 2.5 years now I see no need to rush to a finish when the appetite for it is still there!!

Enjoy the battles when they come around and be sure to keep your relevant HQ areas updated.


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