Now Im not usually one to talk politics as frankly it bores the hell out of me due to the simple fact that all the political parties basically offer the same rubbish policies that protect the rich and their own interests.  Their is no true ‘peoples’ party that normal folk can relate to.  As we gear up here in the UK we have the Tories, Labour, SNP and the UKIP all mouthing of at each other over ridiculous things like how you eat a bacon sandwich and how many kitchens you have in your house.  WTF!!  Who cares, stop taking cheap digs at your opponents and get on with providing some policies that will help this country become great again.

And as for the US… Im bored of Hilary Clinton already.  the press are making out its a big shock she is going to run for Presidency… really?  the only shock I have is that it has taken so long.

Anyway…. getting to the point of my post.  In the UK we have UKIP.  The Peoples Party (Apparently).  Many view UKIP as a racist party who basically blame all the crap the UK has had to go through on old ‘johnny foreigner’.  Damn those Poles, Pakistanis, Indians etc.  Despite the fact if it wasn’t for these nations we may very well be speaking German today.

Well, a Polish Prince has come out and challenged the UKIP leader to a sword duel in Hyde Park, London.  How delightfully refreshing.  Amusing yes and obviously aimed at getting some airtime on the news but how good would it be if it was allowed… I dare-say a lot of the politicians would crawl back into the holes they came from and never show their face again.  Well done that Polish prince.  🙂

  1. Refreshing to read a post on a website forum written in proper English and with a sense of style.

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