Police have encouraged the public to attend Armed Forces Day events as normal after reports Islamic State had planned to target a London parade.

IS had plotted to detonate a pressure cooker bomb at a parade in Merton, south London.  If this attack had gone ahead and not been foiled the casualties would have included serving members of the armed forces, veterans and the general public.

I’m sure the recent attacks have put a lot of people of attending these events as they are obviously seen as viable targets with military personnel in attendance.  What must the veterans think of the current state of affairs.  They fought in WW2 and numerous other wars down through the decades to protect what we have today.  A country where you ‘expect’ an attack from terrorists to happen on your doorstep as much as in some dry middle-eastern location.

I’m glad here in Scotland our parade went ahead with a great turn out.  Even my daughter got in the party spirit.


Remember fear isn’t an excuse to come to a standstill. It’s the impetus to step up and strike.

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