If there is a bucket to be scraped to find the dregs of indecency then Islamic state are certainly digging deep. New evidence passed to Kurdish authorities suggests chlorine gas in weaponised form  has been used by IS against Peshmerga fighters on a highway between Mosul and the Syrian border earlier this year.

Chlorine was first used as a chemical weapon back in World War One but was banned in 1997 under the Chemical Weapons Convention.  However the Organisation for the prohibition of Chemical Weapons have stated that it has been used in high quantities within Syria as part of the ongoing Civil War by both factions.


Have IS actually got their hands on some of these chlorine munitions or are the Kurdish authorities using this as propaganda to garner even more international support in the fight against IS?

Either way the thought of chemical weapons in the hands of the Islamic State and them being prepared to use them is sure to set alarm bells ringing.  Without a doubt IS are looking to instigate an attack on the West that would outdo the atrocities of Al Qaeda on 9/11.  They want a game changing event that so infuriates the Western public that it has them screaming for vengeance opening the gates for the government to unquestioned step into another land war.

Exactly what IS are looking for.

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