World War Two, England, 1938, The family at home, tuning in to hear the news on the radio news, They have gas masks at the ready (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

In Medieval times news of the crusades and the battles that took place took weeks and months to filter back to the west.

In WW1 news was released sometimes days after the events on the Western Front with the press deciding whether it was worthwhile releasing it at all… if it was deemed it would damage a nations morale the news was suppressed.

Likewise in WW2, bad news was hushed up (some for security reasons) and other military news released a day or two later with strong censorship.

Folk back then must have been frustrated by lack of news… I suspect they would have liked to have news at their fingertips 24/7.

But that is just what we have today and I believe I’m as frustrated at getting too much news as the folk back then were at not getting enough.

Today I have social media streams, news outlets pumping out up to the minute news round the clock, newspapers reporting on events that happened a few hours ago but still make it to print.

But in my opinion there is too much… you get swamped with news.  IS in North Africa, IS in Middle East, suicide bomber from Bradford, Al Qaeda leader killed, Russian nuclear up-scaling, North Korean weapon trials, Libya, Palestine, Ukraine, yadda yadda yadda.

We are caught in a whirlpool of news that we cant get out off.  A few weeks ago I was away on holiday to East Lothian in Scotland and didn’t bother watching the news.  I didnt miss it at all.  On my return to normality I started reading and watching again and felt myself getting sucked back into that endless whirlpool of political spin, propaganda based broadcasting from every side in every conflict.

What is the alternative… a return to total patriotism and the reading of only what our governments release… and to chew that information up and digest it as 100% truth.  That would be easier I guess but then your blind to what is really happening.  That is, if you can wade through the spin to find it in our modern society.

  1. You are right about the News Aspect, far to much, my self I just watch the news once a day which is in the evening, that way I feel I am not bogged down with it, the world is so much smaller now which gives the feel that there are to many things going on not the things that I want to be doing…..Selfish, not really at my stage of life I want enjoyment not continuous problems.

  2. One aspect of my PTSD, is my Hyper-Vigilance. I listen to the news constantly, lest something surprise me.
    From inside my gourd, there is no such thing as too much intelligence. Once those Sgt Stripes burn their way into your psche, they never leave.

  3. I think youre right spot on. Its just too much. In only once a day listen to radio news while driving to work.

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