The tide of battle continues to swing with the Islamic State now on its last legs in the battle of Tikrit (the birthplace of Saddam Hussein).  IS fighters are now confined to the centre of the city and the advance onto them by Shia Iraqi forces is only being held up by IED devices and sniper fire.

30’000 Iraqi forces are involved in the attack on IS and 2/3 are from the Hashid Shaabi who are Shia militia and ferocious fighters.  With IS surrounded this could yet be the biggest blow inflicted on them by Iraqi forces.  Tikrit has been in IS hands since June 2014 and to lose it now would be a blow to them for sure and just another notch in the ‘Spring Offensive’ being launched by Iraqi forces to push IS out of their country.


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  1. It seems there is quite the exodus from IS occupied lands as well. So much so that they are taxing those who wish to leave, out of fear of a Caliphate with no population.

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