Despite a cease fire being declared in recent days in Ukraine between the pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian army the battles continued in and around the city of Debaltseve where 22 Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives and 150 have been injured which raises the immediate doubt that this was ever a ceasefire at all. In fact the Ukrainians have come out of it worst of all as they have lost men and also retreated from Debaltseve which is a strategic strongpoint.

Without doubt the Russians under the leadership of Putin are pulling all the strings here and aggressively testing the resolve of NATO and seeing how far they can bend the rules. Only today the the British Minister Michael Fallon stated there is a real and present danger of Russia trying to destabilise other Baltic States and The Cold War has restarted but it’s already getting hot with both Russian planes and submarines testing defences in the west with regular incursions into territorial waters and airspace.

Russian Bear Bomber


So where does this end…. is it really a new Cold War or are Russia just seeing the Wests current ‘War on Terror’ as an ideal distraction for them to make a land grab knowing full well any military intervention from NATO would be a severe strain on its members financially as well as militarily.

As an interesting addendum to this article which I wrote on my break at work last night on my kindle I opened the news websites this morning to read 2 headlines.

1 – RAF Jets scrambled as Russian Bombers seen of Cornwall.

2 – Ukraine Crisis – Shelling spreads despite ceasefire

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