Three terrorist attacks in the space of 3 hours in France, Kuwait and Tunisia has left scores of people dead.  We can watch it on the news, shake our heads and tomorrow we forget about it and move on.  But really… do think about it.  Each one of those people killed have a family, children who grow up knowing their father or mother died at the hands of a terrorist, a parent losing a child, a lost sibling… all for what.  This isn’t a war… its the butchering of the innocent.


Add to this the Al Shabab attack in Somalia and the IS killing civilians in Kobani it all adds up to an absolute massacre with reports mentioning we can expect further attacks in the coming days as the IS celebrate the birth of their caliphate which was announced on June 29th last year.

You cant justify the killing of random people… you cant say its religion based… you cant say you have a grand and noble cause.  Me… well, I cant comprehend how the world is unravelling with no way of stopping it.  Military intervention wont work… this snake has too many heads.

All I can do is turn of the TV and hope my corner of the world will remain safe as the terror spreads.  How is it ever going to end?

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  1. Sad day for the World and all those Families, Terrorist are never soldiers just cowards, people complain about the western world trying to deal with the evil in this world, and I for one support there effort, OK perhaps some would say we are interfering with the Arab/Muslim world, No it’s the Evil in these communities they are the problem

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