Due to a nasty chest infection I haven’t been sleeping too well so the nights have been taken up with me catching up on one of my favourite games of recent times… namely Tell Tales The Walking Dead.  I’m currently on Season 2 but you can check out my brief review of Season 1 back in September 2014 by going here. I gave it 4.5 Stars out of 5.

Walking Dead Review

I loved Season 1 and had just purchased the 400 Days expansion pack and the whole of Season 2.  Unfortunately I did buy a house a few weeks later so never got round to playing it too much but in the last few days I have got well and truly sucked back in.  The thing is… it is so easy to play and despite being a ‘game’ it is really an interactive story where you ‘guide’ the character.  In Season 1 I was all ‘do the right thing’, say the right thing and never choose the morally objectionable course of action.


In Season 2 I’ve decided to just be a prick… I lie to cover my ass, blame other folk for stuff I did leading to them getting thrown of the top of a building onto their head etc.  Its great to play on the dark side every now and again.


For fans of The Walking Dead TV Series this game is an absolute must.  It honestly drags you in… it questions your morals and spits you out the other side an emotional wreck.  Give it a go… you wont be disappointed!!  And Telltale Games have just released a Game of Thrones game in the same vein…. that will definitely be on the shopping list.


    • Its like an interactive story. You watch a bit then you have to choose a course of action or bash some walkers head in…. the choices you make have consequences within the game… questioning your moral compass.

  1. Great game. That parting scene near the end of Season 1 was just heartbreaking, whatever way it played out. Then that final scene…hope, or…?

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