Kim Jong-Un took to the mountains of North Korea today to have a little go at pin the tail on the donkey using his heavy artillery units and some huge targets containing names of famous United States personalities.  After using the calculator on his pink Ipad to zero the artillery onto the name of Barack Obama, Kim was heard to mutter “Barack O’BOOMA more like”.

Snap 2015-02-23 at 15.16.03

International advisers state “this was a blatant attempt by the North Korean regime to drag every-ones attention away from the Oscars 2015 and onto their Supreme Leader”.

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Reports suggest the names of Chevy Chase, Lindsay Lohan and Bette Midler survived the barrage.  Neil Patrick Harris was the first to get hit and apparently Joan Rivers name was supposed to be there but someone ran out of white paint so she was cut from the target practice.




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