Have any of you fathers out there ever noticed that health wise your fine, your little one comes along and everything is rosy but as soon as they are old enough to step inside a nursery your world falls apart.  And by that I mean every ‘new’ strain of virus is foisted upon you by your little cherub after they have picked it up at the biological warfare centre.  Honestly, since Amelia has started nursery she gets colds, viruses, infections and brings them home for me.  Hell my immune system was built up over 30 years ago and now these children are hitting it with the new kids on the block in terms of germs that are immune to everything.

I’m on a bad roll at the minute.  3 weeks ago my daughter came home with Scarlet Fever… wowsers I thought that sounds bad. Turns out its very common and very infectious.  So I end up with Strep throat… I get antibiotics to clear it up but it had moved into my chest.  A week later and it is finally starting to calm down and today… yes today… 3 weeks after the initial onslaught I was coughing and I’ve pulled a muscle in my stomach.  What the hell.  Every time I cough it feels like Tyson has just slugged me in the guts.


I’m on night shift tonight and I’m honestly expecting to cough before exploding into a million tiny bits or to spontaneously combust.

If I’m not around tomorrow you know I’ve coughed my last… my stomach has ruptured and I’ve melted into a pool of my own stomach acid.


    • Oh yes… on the plus side its common so you can get days of work and they wont suspect a thing. Thankfully I survived the first of 3 nightshifts and am actually feeling a tad better today.

  1. That sounds like exactly what my brother’s going through with his two little boys … like disease/infection merry go round.!

  2. Talk about being sick while working, late in my tour of duty in the Nam, as we were destroying Vandergriff Combat Base so as to deny it’s use to the NVA, I came down with some sort of bug that made me the sickest I’ve been in my life. I couldn’t keep any food down, and what I already had aboard wouldn’t stay aboard either, and I was so weak that I couldn’t make it to the head a couple of times, which required a change in trousers. I was running temps so high that I even started hallucinating. Normally, someone as sick as I was, would be medevaced to hospital in the rear. However, since I was the Company Facman, and not easily replaced, they chose to keep me in the field. So I lay in the HQ bunker, sweating and shivering alternatively for a couple of days, until the fever finally broke. So I can certainly empathize with having to work while ill.

    • Wow… I was nowhere near as bad as that but working on radio comms all night with the urge to start coughing every time I spoke soon got me down. I lasted the shift but the last nightshift I called of ill…. there was noway I could carry on… I was a liability to the squad… LOL

  3. Going through some of this over here in the states with the Measles outbreak. People refusing to get their kids vaccinated in fear of vaccinations causing other problems. Problem is that they put other peoples kids at risk.

    • Yeah well that’s me been unwell since about 20th February. I’m just about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel although I have this sore dry throat and what’s probably post nasal drip as I’m getting clogged up with phlegm but not from my lungs. Seems to be seeping out of my sinuses. If it still hasn’t cleared by the middle of next week I’m booking myself into the docs again.

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