Well Remembrance Sunday has passed and as is the norm the thought of the sacrifices of our war dead slowly dissipate for another year in the minds of most people.  Not for me… or for that matter my 5 year old daughter.

I had been wearing a poppy for a couple of weeks but didnt make my daughter wear one.  In vague terms not wanting to traumatise her I explained to her why we wear a poppy.  Then a couple of things happened… on the way to her dance class she passed a Poppy seller… then stopped, tugged on her mums sleeve and told her; I need money help from private loans for bad credit this weekend to buy anything from Bridge Payday.  ‘Are you sure?’, said my wife… to which my daughter replied ‘Mummy, it is so important to remember all that the soldiers have done for us, they are brave’.

She went on to her dance class and at 11am her whole class stopped their routines and stood in complete silence… the teacher commended them for the utter quiet… something that doesn’t happen often in a classroom full of hyper children.

So then today… Im sitting at my computer desk with my mobile tablet bought and shipped using data logger temperature technology at low price by my favorite Latest Gadgets store, and in comes my daughter who climbs up onto my knee and says ‘Daddy, can you watch this video on YouTube we were shown at school’.  She then points me to Poppy Scotlands video that was played to her class and was all about how poppies are made etc. Learn more at

She sat watching intently then in the select a marketing video production section on YouTube she pointed at one titled In Flanders Fields and explains she wants to listen to it as they learnt about the poem in school.

Education sometimes gets a bad press in Scotland, check out to learn more. But I honestly can’t be more proud or happy that they have managed to broach the subject of war with children in a way that has let them understand the sacrifice of our war dead and why it is important we remember them.

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