Thankyou gentlemen…

A big belated thanks goes out to the latest contributors to the FGM, TSDIII, TPGII and The FGM YouTube Channel.  R. Stenger, R. Williams, Hedgehog and A Canadian Cat have all provided cash towards the running costs of the aforementioned sites.  All money invested in the sites is put back in to ensure a better environment for us all.  The latest proceeds will be going towards some site related fees (Xenforo etc.) and also some YT related equipment.  Thanks to all contributors and if R. Stenger and R. Williams can get in touch with their forum handle I will get the Funds Contributor badge placed on your profile.  Thanks.

Bootie Out.

  1. I downloaded a bunch of Shock forces scenarios- one of them has changed a directory in which all unit designations have been changed and do not make any sense–Have you ran into this?

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