Thankyou Panzer Lehr

A shout out to Panzer Lehr who became the latest member to sign up for the Patreon funding program I run.  Patreon is a donation program where members can agree to throw a few dollars my way each month to help towards running costs and the overall costs incurred across the breadth and width of the work I do on the internet… FGM, TSDIII, TPGII and the FGM YouTube channel.  When you sign up for Patreon basically every week or two you get a progress report on what specifically I have been up to across the sites and for guys who pledge more than $5 your name goes into a raffle for a neat prize…. you can see previous prizes on the You Tube Channel which is where I usually do the draw.  This months raffle for example is a brand new Stalingrad documentary featuring never before seen footage of the fighting filmed by Wehrmacht soldiers during the battle.  I seen this in a shop and thought… I need to get that so I bought one to offer as a raffle prize and one for myself.  There is 3 hours of footage included… very interesting if I do say so.  🙂  To contribute to running costs follow this link…

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