Thankyou to GeorgeMC and PhilM the Latest Patrons

Thanks guys for joining the Patreon program and sending funds towards the FGM war-chest.  A perfect example of what your donations fund was highlighted only yesterday when the program I use for reporting ladder results began to get a bit tetchy and started double posting and not advising members of when their results were logged.  I checked in with the programmer who has gone out of business since I purchased the add-on and did not support it anymore… a brief google also found other unhappy customers who had switched to a very well supported program that basically did the same thing and a little more so I found out it costs £20 to buy so I paid for it through club funds and the problem was rectified within a day or two.  Its little things like this that help keep the club running smoothly.  So thanks again guys for your support.

Bootie Out.

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