Thankyou to Poesel71 and Alex von Z

As the 2 newest members to partake in the Patreon funding program I would like to thank Poesel71 and Alex von Z [I need your user handle].

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform popular with YouTube content creators, musicians, and webcomic artists. It allows artists to obtain funding from their fans or patrons, on a recurring basis, or per artwork.  Patrons can pledge as little as $1 and can cancel their donation at any time.

If your not familiar with Patreon the basic premise is I do stuff you like and you agree to support me in the work that I do.

But wait you say… why should I give this guy a dollar a month when I can have the content for free anyway because sure as hell he’s going to keep producing it.

Well that’s true but by supporting me your going to get more and better content, be that the purchasing of video making equipment to better website hosting packages and software all which filters back down to you guys in the end making your time in my corner of the world wide web that little bit more enjoyable.

As you know all the websites I’ve created are ad-free meaning I don’t get any income from a website full of ads but that also means you guys don’t get distracted by these ads and throwing a dollar my way helps keep these websites ad free.

Also by becoming a patron you get my ear meaning I can listen to you directly for what you want content wise and I can act on it. Simple. I’m using Patreon to take over from where I previously had used Paypal… due to my work being split over numerous websites I decided it would be so much easier to have one central location where I can interact with my patrons directly and in the one place.

So thats what Patreon is and how becoming a Patron helps… eventually I hope to accrue enough funding to build my own nuclear bunker and designate it FGM HQ where you are all welcome in the event of a global apocalypse.

Thats all for now… thanks for reading and if you fancy becoming a Patron check out the link.  >>LINK<<


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