Tonight I received an early invite to HistoryHit.TV the new project by Dan Snow and the History Hit team which aims to create a Netflix of world history programmes.  With the demise of proper history being shown on our “history channels” and even less new content being supported through our terrestrial channels it is really good to see this kind of venture bearing fruit, finally, real history is once again only a button press away and I will get exactly what I pay for.  No more watching rednecks hunting alligators marketed as a history programme.

After completing a few formalities to register I opened up the website and was mightily pleased by what I seen, despite being in BETA the diverse range of programmes really caught my eye.  And as an added bonus it isnt just documentaries, we have samples of audio books, archive film, podcasts and so much more, I have to say that the companies from have done a great job.  A virtual treasure trove for anyone interested in history.

I watched the first episode of Snow on the Road titled Inverness : Castles and Cairns for the simple reason that I’ve been to the majority of the sites Dan visited during the show.  I wasn’t disappointed as the camera work was fantastic and the facts pointed out will enhance any future trips to the places that were covered.

The episode didnt delve deep into the history of each place but it wasnt meant to, this was a refreshing show that showed you amazing visuals with just enough to make you want to get out of your armchair and visit the places yourself armed with a brief understanding of their role in the shaping of the highlands of Scotland.

I really enjoyed it and despite being rather late here I’m sore tempted to head over to HistoryHit.TV and watch another show… Sean Bean on Waterloo anyone.

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