A New Perspective Of The Battlefield

Jolly Olly

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Jan 20, 2017
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United States-Georgia
I am sure some of you have already discovered this but thought I would pass it on.

Shift+3 will zoom you in to a very close up, ground level view of your battlefield. It is a little lower and closer that what the standard pitch limit allows. It is kind of cool, I think anyways.

Also, you can actually go in and edit your Mapview file under Data in your game folder. I actually tried to do this a couple of weeks ago but for some reason could not find where the FOG II files resided on my computer. Finally found it last night and adjusted the allowance for Pitch or camera angle. I can now get much lower down on the battlefield for views.

Ok, this is really only useful for getting some neat views of the units, etc but I thought it was a pretty neat thing.Screen_00000187.jpgScreen_00000182.jpgScreen_00000184.jpgScreen_00000186.jpg