COMPREHENSIVE RULE AND SET UP THREAD. Please do not answer or comment on this thread.


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Dec 18, 2015
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Oregon, USA
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6+ pw
5-8 games.
The general rules are:
  1. No pre-planned artillery by the defender or by anyone in a Meeting Engagement. This includes delayed pre-planned artillery.
  2. No intentional firing into the attacker's setup zone (since these are small maps, there may be rare instances where both sides agree this isn't viable).
  3. There are no restrictions on force purchase, but as I stated last year, an all armor force will piss me off (and probably result in your loss anyway). Combined arms are where it is at friends.
  4. Air power is allowed, but in a small QB, are they worth the points? Your call.
  5. Each round will consist of 2 x Meeting Engagements, 2 x Probes, and 1 x Attack.
  6. Every player must be used once per round.
  7. Both rounds will be played simultaneously (so two games per player total).
  8. Match setup instructions will include time period and weather.
  9. The German player will set up the game.
  10. Round 1 will be CMBN, Round 2 will be CMFB.
  11. Ryder cup scoring.....1 per win, 1/2 per tie, 0 for loss. First team to 10 1/2 points wins. This scoring encourages team effort to win, since the most any single player can win is 2 points. A tie will result in a tiny 30 min battle between Captains.
  12. Once the matches are released, Team USA (the champions) will assign players. Then, when Team World (the challengers) has a chance to review, they will assign the final matchup. Some interesting options there.
  13. Trash talking is encouraged. We are all grown ups here. However, any specific policy and or political leader talk is discouraged. Stick to stereotypes and you will be fine :p
  14. Both players must agree before the first turn if this is a Ladder match or not.
  15. Standard rarity is in effect.
Finally, lets have fun. I want to thank every one of you for participating!

Let's have fun with this!
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