Found a Podcast! Conflict Theory and Military philosophy


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Hi Folks,

In my day job I'm studying conflict + security theory at Uni, so every so often something crosses my radar that's really worth sharing. One of my lecturers shared this podcast last night (One of the hosts is a student at my uni), which examines some of the theories behind the academic study of war and conflict - modern day Clausewitz stuff. The hosts are pretty informal about it all, and it sounds like they're aiming the content at undergrad students and the interested 'general listener' so it's pretty accessible, without losing out much in the content of the ideas. They're two episodes in, so far they've covered the definitions of war (briefly) and then this last episode, the idea that modern democracies don't go to war with one another. Looks like they're planning a bunch of stuff on peacekeeping and covert conflicts next week too...

The podcast's called On War, bit of a steal but it works. They're on itunes ( )and soundcloud ( and they also run a blog with a list of references they use on each episode ( Certainly worth a look if you want to look beyond the strategic layer and into some broad theory!