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Dear Guys!

Please, write Your AARs here so Your fellow players can follow Your thoughts, tactics and achievements! To make a start and give You some base to work with I write a fictional AAR here. Fictional since I wasn´t able to finish my game and to hand over my command to Uffz.BRAUN.


FGM Major
(Fictional) AAR - OWL vs SEMPAI

General Tactics
Because the terrain showed many opportunities to move units invisible for the opponent and the relatively many turns I decided to to try a flank manoeuvre from the East and roll up the whole front from that side.

To achieve what was planned I set my entire forces in the eastern setup zone except the AAs and ATGs plus a few commanders and the HMGs. In front where the tanks ordered by possible maximum speed. So no tank would hinder a following one in the advance. Luckily the T-34s were not only faster but better armored on the turret front. That made them the perfect "first contact" units in the wavy terrain.
The vehicles would wait a bit until the tanks wouldn´t be in the way anymore. Both, vehicles and tanks were loaded with infantry to the max. Nevertheless the main infantry forces had to go by foot to reach their destination.
The AAs I set without cover on the edge of the paved and the bush area. So they were combat ready from the first turn on. That was because the enemy aircraft could do a good share of damage to my units during the fast advance on the roads. After the aircraft would have been shot down or displaced the AAs should move in other entrenchments. If that would have been by foot or with the help of halftracks had to be decided by how many HTs would have survived to this time and if they could retreat to the AAs.
Each ATG was drawn by a HT and also a HMG was settled in each of the HTS. The Platoon-HQs for the guns and HMGs I placed side by side with the HTs. They had to move on Shanky´s pony.
The trenches I set on the most northern and the most western opportunity of their setup zone. They were the places where the ATGs and the HMGs would have to go to secure my left flank a bit so OWL, if he would realise all my units come from the East, would have to deal with them for a bit of time. That, so I hoped, would give me the opportunity to react in time if need should occur.

Battle (Info given to Uffz.BRAUN as he overtook the command)
So far as I could tell OWL divided his forces up to equal strong parts to cover all main roads what leads to the flags in the centre. My own ATG on the far most left flank what is already established and has only to wait another 55 seconds to get fire readyness I believe isn´t uncovered by him yet. The other ATG what is almost face to face with his advancing tanks at the centre (Village 2) I wanted let go into the nearest trench. Therefor I would move the HMG what is already situated there. That ATG is definitely uncovered by his forces I would say - but I could err. The damaged SPW on the left flank I wanted to move fast to be a target for the tanks so the ATGs gets some more time bought. On my right flank I have concentrated my infantry main forces. They were thought to come into play if OWLs forces there are already amidst heavy battling around the nearest flags (Town Green). So they can cross the open in his back and decide then to attack from behind or take the large flag in the NE. After that achieved I wanted to roll the front from the East.
Note: There is a company HQ in Town Green what is hidden aside a tank. You would have to set off the tanks via Shift-V to see it. It isn´t combat ready anymore but can still be used to give the Town-Green-Defenders a high morale.
Note 2: Most of the former tank riding infantry around Town Green is laying or sneaking in the bushes now. My next step would have been to area fire OWL´s infantry what attacks currently the first buildings there. And with a time delay of 30 seconds push my infantry either in the buildings or let attack the just mentioned inf of OWL. Further I wanted to fast moving my reserves (the SPWs with the mortars on my setup zone yet) to assist the T-34s against the infantry.
That all only as info what I had planned and why I led my troops as it is now. That is not meant to "order" You what to do. Only You should have an overview to have a base to decide from.

...to be continued

ben dayhoe

AAR: ben dayhoe vs Gen.Grievous

11 flag areas to capture and/or defend.
Center of the map with 4 major flags will be difficult to capture and completely control, a certain death trap.
Limited amount of troops.
I have Finnish Cav. squads equipped with 7 rifles,1 sub gun,1 lmg, need to keep some space between the enemy and i.
No handheld anti armor except molotov cocktails.
No arty except on map 82mm mortars.

The plan:
My goal for the center 4 major flags is to put just enough combat elements in the flag area to keep the flags as contested denying any point value to the enemy while avoiding a major fight to conserve my combat power for my primary offensive action.
Focus of my offensive movement will be my left flank,west side of the map. Using Town Red as my base of operations against Village B, enemy home base and to provide covering fire against the center flag area. Leaving town Green totally empty hoping the enemy will take it and reinforce it drawing his combat resources away from my planned area of operations.
My home base on my right flank,east side of the map directly in front of town Green will be hardened to withstand any possible attack from town Green.

A company- Secure and hold left flank and town Red
B company- Secure and hold village 1 as a forward operating base into the center flag area.
C company- Secure and hold right flank home base east side of the map. Stand by to mount half tracks for counter attacks or reinforcing trouble areas.
All AT , AA guns, 1 t-34 and 1 panzer IVJ deploy on east home base to assist C company defend.
3 t-34 stage between company C and village 2, standby as reinforcements to my offensive action or respond to any attack on the eastside of the map.
4 panzer IVJ and 2 t-34 rendezvous with A company at town Red.
1 panzer IVJ to village 1
1 SPW 251/1 to drive in endless circles from my home base to town Green and back trying to let the enemy spot him in town to instill caution and slow his advance into town Green to run out the clock.
All other SPW 251/1 will shuttle ground troops to town Red and village 1 then rendezvous with C company to assist with defense and make ready to shuttle reinforcements for counter attacks.

Turn 1-8: All forces move into positions no enemy contact.
Turn 9: 1 SPW immobilized by air in town Green. Enemy armor and light armor sound contacts in village B
Turn 11: 2nd plt. B company begins recon push into center 4 flags.
Turn 15: 3 enemy tanks approaching town Red from the west on the road. 1 destroyed. more armor sound contacts approaching village B.
3rd plt. C company advances to secure and hold village 2.
Turn18: We each lose 1 tank at town Green.
Turn 20: He loses 1 tank at town Red and 1 at village B.
Turn 24 He loses 2 tanks town Red i lose 1 tank town Red.
Turn 25 Serverel enemy light armor elements moving into center flag area.
Turn 26: Tasked 4 SPW 251/1 to village 1 to pick up 3rd plt. A company for mounted assault into enemy rear area.
Turn 30: I lose 1 tank town Red.
Turn 32: He loses 1 tank town Green to my AT gun. I launch the assault on his rear base with 2nd plt. A company mounted on SPW 251/1 with 3rd plt. A company on foot supported with 2 t-34.
Turn 34: Assault force makes contact at his rear base.Engaged by 1 gun and 2 enemy SPW 251/1
Turn 36: Enemy gun destroyed at his base his 2 SPW 251/1 flee the area.
Turn 39: Enemy SPW 252/1 destroyed at his base.Enemy AT gun destroyed village B with indirect mortar fire from town Red.
Turn 41: Former enemy base secured by assault force 2nd and 3rd plt. A company. From my new base of operations i establish rear shots on 1 SPW251/1 at center flag area,destroyed and 1 tank town Red destroyed next turn.
Turn 42: I lose 1 tank town Red.
Turn 43: 1 enemy SPW 251/1 destroyed center flag area by grenade throw from HQ 2nd plt. B company.
1 enemy tank destroyed village B.
Turn 49: village B secured by 1st plt. A company.
Turn 55: Battle ends with Tactical victory to Axis. Final score: Axis=71% Allied 29%

Thanks to Gen. Grievous for returning files daily,helping to keep us within the deadline.
Special thanks to Sempai for putting this event together and running it.
A shout out to Bootie for the FGM.


FGM Major
Seems BEN is the LFX winner. He is the only one who wrote an AAR. If no other one writes something until Sunday I will announce Ben as winner.

Greetings :)


OMG, AAR is a must ? :D

Well, the only reason I did not write is because I think three words described my game with Mr. U (logan) too well: luck luck luck.

It was the luckiest game I ever played. Except for the first tank encounter on the left side of the map (which was a draw, we both lost one tank each.), I won every single tank duel thereafter. Before mid-game, I had over 2:1 advantage in tanks. So the remaining battle wasn't that much balanced any more, and eventually it turned into a slaughter.

OK, that was a very briefly summary of what happened. And it is the critical part of the story. But I guess I still should feed a more complete version of the story in order to qualify for an AAR.

The battle: include the field and forces are completely symmetric. Mr. U and I had played one game before, it was a meeting engagement, and he beat me badly. I knew he has relatively few experience in PvP, but nevertheless he is a good player and deserves every respect I would pay to any other players.

SO the plan started as NOT aiming at a win. ME isn't my strong suit. Actually it is probably the weakest type of mission for me. (I think I am best at attack, second is defense and ME ... I am no good) And as I stated just above, Logan is too good to dismiss easily. So I plan for a draw.

This is important for the overall deployment and strategic plan.

I thus put my forces into 3 major groups.

The left group with about 1 co of infantry, 4 tanks, 2 mortar, and some other support assets.
The right group with almost exactly the same thing as the left group.
And the support group of 2 pla of inf., 4 tanks and a couple of COs. and HMGs.

The task of the left and right group was to secure and if possible, capture the flank (flags). But capturing those flags are secondary. The main task for them is to secure the flank. The wooded areas on both sides. This will enable me to maneuver my units in the inner circle almost freely and snipe the enemy reinforcements on both sides.

The task of the support group is to control the few intersection of the roads, which would block fast movements of the enemy and secure a good connection between my own forces.

The tanks we have are 6 T34s and 6 PzIVs. They are about the same, however, T34s run slightly faster and PzIV is slightly more accurate at long range.

Therefore, all 4 support tanks are PzIVs as they are not supposed to move much anyway and their job is to threat the enemy at long range.

And left and right each would have 3 T34 and 1 PzIV then. It is pretty much even.

To prevent the worst case, Mr. Sempai already put some nice trenches out there. So I put a small force of AT gun, mortar and HMG there, designed to slow down a major push and to ambush a minor attempt.

The inf. are deployed forward, some mounted on the HTs to rush to their designated areas. It is relatively safe to do that because there is no LOS for either side at the beginning turns.

Thus was the setup.

Early turns: (around 1 ~ 8 or so) contact was swift (on turn 2 or so, I forgot), and we each lost a tank on my left side.

My attempt to secure the left flank was stalled due to the loss of tank, so I started to set up a defensive line in the scattered trees just short of the center line between us, on the left.

The plan now for the left side is to wait and estimate the enemy intention and strength.

The right side went without any contact and secured the right flank as planned.

The support tanks all moved into position and now gaming their guns at the right direction.

The next phase from turn 9 to about turn 20, mainly consists of a few shoot-outs of our tanks.

While my left side inf. settling down to defense, enemy infantry and tanks took haste and races to capture the 4 small flags on that side, soon occupying all the buildings. During the course, one enemy T34 was lost and thus the remaining 3 T34s on this flank hid behind the buildings.

The enemy made a major effort to push for the center 4 large flags, and probably to his surprise, I had no forces there at all, not even any advancing units toward that direction. Therefore, his inf. capture and secured the area easily. However, my support tanks caught his advancing tank units to the center in crossfire. 3 of his tanks were lost during this period. My loss is almost none, only one tank crew was lost.

The right side was mine and I carefully pushed forward with my inf. supported by 2 T34s and 2 HTs. Still there was no resistence and my inf. further secured a frontline on right flank. Now, facing directly toward his base area on the right. The right flank's 4 small flags were also captured without resistance. I now tried to move my AT guns and mortars into the wooded slopes around it. I assigned 2 tanks to guard this area.

The middle part of the combat took place from turn 21 to almost turn 40 or so:

The left flank: I made a major attempt to seize the 4 small flags. Due to the fact that enemy tanks are hiding behind the buildings, my tanks took the liberty to destroy these buildings without much worry about retaliation. Some of the enemy inf. in these buildings were wounded. I followed up with a charge of about 2 platoon+ infantry into the area. The initial result was very positive, routing most of his defending infantries there. But that was a trap. Mr. U successfully misled me to believe that his defensive infantry in this area was in chaos and can't be much of use any more. I went too bold and spent two squads to push further to try to push his tanks out into my gun range.

It was then the enemy launched a well-coordinated and clever counterattack, using tanks to blast out my forward elements and strong inf. to follow up. My two squads were eliminated almost instantly. My attempt failed.

I was forced to withdraw my forward infantry back into my tank's range. Losing some more during the process, but finally stabilized the front line pretty much back to where I started. Mr. U did not choose to chase further probably concerning about his disadvantage in tank forces by now ---- he could not afford to trade off his tanks 1v1 for mine any more. And all my tanks are in well placed position mixed with AT gun support and infantry spotter.

The right flank: The enemy made an attempt to advance to the small flags. But unfortunately it was not a very well planned one. It was without any heavy weapon support from the beginning to the end. And his inf. spent a long time (a few turns) in the open. So that turned out to be a disaster for the enemy without much surprise. My inf. and tanks were in position and slaughtered about 1 full platoon of his infantry there. Then I pushed my infantry forward further, allowing my tanks a full flank view on the right side.

However, the 4 small flag area of the right flank, when I tried to deploy my AT guns and mortars on the slope, enemy infantry spotted my movement and guessed correctly my intention and approx. position of my units. Taking advantage of his central flag tank forces (he still has 3 + tanks in the center), he destroyed my AT gun before it could set up. This proved a very annoying trouble in my later offensives.

The last stage of the battle happened after turn 40.

Securing the entire right flank put me in a good position to attack his already weak right side (by now I learned about almost all his tanks position and infantry position, I knew now there isn't much forces guarding this right side). I pushed forward bluntly with two platoons of inf. and two tanks, with another two tanks supporting further back. The PzIVs cut out the cross road in the middle making his reinforcements difficult to reach from left to right. As a matter of fact, he had to go all the way back from his rear, following a somewhat zigzag road. This bought me a few precious turns. Before any of his reinforcements could arrive, I destroyed the lone tank guard his home flag on my right. And destroyed whatever inf. left there. I only lost 2 HT during the course plus my inf. are almost out of ammo there.

In order to win, I also must secure the center flags. But by now, I have already moved my reserve inf. (the support platoons) around the center flags. His center is now exposed to 3 sides of fire now that the right flank is entirely mine. My tanks blasted his possible infantry positions on the wooded slopes in the center. And charged from two directions at the same time. The wood area were liberated after a few turns. Now the enemy tanks are in very awkward positions surrounded by my infantry and advancing tanks at the same time.

So in a rather dramatic movements, the enemy pulled his defending tanks from my left flank to reinforce the center. I think this is a questionable move. If he kept the tank in the left, at least I would not be able to capture the left flags easily.

But now that his tanks were out, I knew I outnumber his tanks on the left as well. So I resumed my attack on the left as well. Adding a fresh co. of infantry to support.

Eventually, all enemy tanks fell under very unfavorable positions and had to run for their own lives. This left his infantry helpless, and got slaughtered easily. And thus the war was lost.