Monday, February 24, 1941 - Bombing of Brest continues


FGM Brigadier
Castelar, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.
Night bombing operations were undertaken on six nights. After three consecutive attacks on a lighter scale, over 60 aircraft bombed the docks at Brest on the 24th/25th, and though intense A.A. and searchlight activity hindered accurate observation, many bombs were seen to fall in the dock area and tb straddle the estimated position of the Hipper class cruiser.

Equally heavy attacks were made on the following nights on the industrial centres of Dusseldorf and Cologne. On the latter, 77 tons of H.E. and 16,500 incendiaries were dropped. Our new Manchester bombers took part in these raids for the first time. Earlier in the week, 24 Wellingtons started many large fires in the dock and industrial areas of Wilhelmshaven. Harassing attacks both by bombers and fighters have been made on more than 25 enemy aerodromes, and several night bombers were attacked and severely damaged if not destroyed. Boulogne, Calais and other Channel ports have also been attacked.