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FGM Sergeant
Turn Rate
6+ pw
2-4 games.
Match Winner

Match Loser

Was the result a Draw? No

Combat Mission Version
CM Fortress Italy

Comments on the Battle
A fun game with Sean. I was attacking Sean with the Americans and he was defending with the Americans. US vs US is an AWESOME match up. The US does not have super-weapons and can field a terrific and highly varied combined arms force.

I had to take a large hill from Sean that had 4 or 5 objectives on it. Almost immediately, my attack collided with a large group of Sean's men moving toward my set up zone. Sean apparently thought my set up zone was in a different part of the map and we had a wild meeting engagement to start the game.

The meeting engagement turned into a pursuit as I brought my forces online and pushed forward. Early in the pursuit, Sean lost 2 tanks and 3 ATGs while I lost 1 tank. For Sean, these losses were his entire anti tank defense (other than bazookas) and I still had 9 or so armored vehicles.

Sean gamely tried to resist my Shermans, Stuarts, and M10s for a few more turns. He fired some 105mm howitzers and mortars at TRPs and managed to bag a number of my boys. However, he decided to surrender when he saw the effects of my massed armor and mortar fire.

Thank you for the game Sean! It was great conversing with you as well. Best of luck in your current pursuits!