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FGM Company Sergeant Major
Oregon, USA
Turn Rate
6+ pw
5-8 games.
Match Winner

Match Loser

Was the result a Draw? No

Combat Mission Version
CM Fortress Italy

Comments on the Battle
This battle was a medium probe by the British (wellsonian) defended by Luftwaffe (@Valkatox). The British brought two companies of infantry, and 2 platoons (-) of Sherman V's (7 tanks total). The map consisted of two objectives.
The initial attack by one company was rapidly successful on the first objective, with several spotting advantages going the British way early. Light, and I mean very light, fire on the Luftwaffe AT guns caused the crews to rapidly abandon their guns. Perhaps Valkatox can elaborate on that issue if he wishes. The Shermans saw first, and engaged first in almost all engagements and was able to strip away the Luftwaffe armor support, setting up an assault on the main objective, a small town.
Luftwaffe artillery was very effective. Two platoons, one on each flank were rendered combat ineffective by accurate and timely indirect fire. However, the bulk of two companies managed to clear the town.
As usual, Valkatox is a fantastic opponent who fought through some unfortunate occurrences during this battle. This was one of the lucky spotting games for me. Thanks Valkatox! He is currently busy putting me in a bind in our rematch.
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