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Will S

FGM Colour Sergeant
West Coast, USA
Match Winner

Match Loser

Was the result a Draw? Yes

Combat Mission Version
CM Battles for Normandy

Comments on the Battle
Large purchase QB Probe. Will S attacking with German forces, Fuchs defending with Americans. Large map was bisected by a major highway running east/west. Large areas of forest intermixed with open farmland dominated the surrounding, mostly flat terrain. A few houses and other buildings were scattered along the road. Three objectives were fought over, all of equal value.

1 Co panzergrenadier (mounted) and 2 Co panzergrenadier (dismounted - 1 pltn) made up the bulk of the German force. Heavy firepower was provided by 4 Panthers, 2 PZ IV's, 2 halftrack AA weapons, and 3 Stummels (attached to infantry companies).

2 Co made the initial advance to the near woodline from the staging area, finding a few scout teams but otherwise little resistance. 1 Co followed advancing on the south side of the AO toward the eastern most objective. Only light resistance was encountered, but the advance was slowed by the forest and the time it took to clear that area. 1 Co secured this objective relatively easily.

2 Co during this time had moved into position along the forest bordering the south side of the highway, and encountered stiff mortar and MG fire anytime they advanced close to the woodline. Casualties were minimal but 2 Co decied to hold in place until 1 Co could reposition for assault on the central objective.

While 2 Co and the majority of 1 Co were advancing east, 2 Panthers and the AA halftracks fought a very interesting rear guard action as American forces crossed the highway in the western part of the AO, trying to get behind the main German force. 2 Co mortars supported this action and Americans were denied their flanking objective.

The main battle was fought over the central objective and was an extremely bloody and close encounter. 2 Co tried to set up a firebase from the south side of the highway as 1 Co pushed an advance across it at the eastern end of the AO. 1 Co made progress across the road and into the central objective but took heavy casualties doing so. 2 Co was determined to keep the American heads down but found the task hard, with determined American troops across the highway with the same goal.

American forces made another attempt at a counterattack through the forest on the German left flank, but were stopped by a Pltn from 1 Co sent to shore up that sector. A pltn from 1 Co made an attempt to get behind American lines on the east end of the central objective, and advance on the northwest objective, but made little progress, although it did relieve some pressure on the main assault force.

When time ran out both sides had taken heavy casualties and progress on either side had wound down to a crawl. The highway proved to be a formidable obstacle, especially with the thick forest coming right up to the roadside in many areas. Keeping units in tact and in comms proved difficult.

Good game Fuchs. Started slow, ended hot.