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Will S

FGM Colour Sergeant
West Coast, USA
Match Winner
Will S

Match Loser

Was the result a Draw? No

Combat Mission Version
CM Final Blitzkrieg

Comments on the Battle
Large purchase probe QB. WillS attacking with American forces, Nemesis defending with Germans. Game one of mirrored match. Map was approx 1km square with four objectives (one major three minor). Dawn attack. Fun map, mostly open farmland with small villages/farm complexes scattered about. Rolling topography.

A and B Co PIR plus batallion mortar and MG teams were tasked with securing this sector. Attached were a variety of Shermans to take on the expected Panthers, etc. A Co was tasked with securing the SW village and E Road Junction, While B Co was assigned the NW and NE villages.

Effective fire support and overwatch were to be crucial in this attack and battalion weapons and attached armor were set up to provide it. Panthers were spotted early in exposed positions in the orchard behind the east road junction. Although hit many times they seemed to be only lightly damaged, if at all, and re-positioned themselves. Two other Panthers were spotted early on, also in exposed positions along the extreme edges of the AO, however they posed no immediate threat to infantry moving into position.

A Co made first contact as they advanced on the SW village obj. A MG squad in a front line building was quickly subdued as 3 pltn advanced toward the small cluster of buildings atop this knoll. Troops used explosives to breach the high wall surrounding the complex and found a trench packed full of Germans in the middle of the complex. Lining them up easily in enfilade from a protected building window, troopers mowed down the exposed Germans, while armor and mortars put suppressing fire into rear area buildings. Motivated Germans in the rear buildings eventually made a stand, and caused heavy casualites on 3 pltn, which took the most of the day. The heroic charges the Germans kept making eventually proved ineffective and they were killed down to the man as they either fled or charged repeatedly into the sights of waiting para's.

1 and 2 pltn continued the advance along the central creek bed and through fields toward an un-named group of buildings, and the E Rd Obj. They met surprisingly little resistance after the strongly defended SW village.

B Co meanwhile was cautiously approaching the NW village through fields under the watchful eye of the Shermans. Eventually coming even with the advance line of A Co, B Co entered the NW village to find in heavily mined. Most doors, and narrow pathways were mined and 2 pltn took moderate casualties from them. The couple of squads defending this area were easily suppressed and killed. A Panther tried to shore up their line but was KO'd as it boldly came into the open in front of American armor.

B Co scouts discovered a heavy line of fortified German defenses on the reverse slope of the hill/orchard near the NW obj. American forces were able to position themselves in good firing positions, and put heavy fire onto the German line, allowing 1 pltn to easily over-run their position, suffering minimal casualties.

German small arms fire at this point subsided significantly and B Co made quick time over open ground into the NE village, while A Co did the same into the E Rd Obj.

Two Panthers (one in the NE village and one just outside the E Rd obj) still posed a risk, and although each had taken almost 20 direct hits, their turrets were still spinning and sending out shells. Eventually the last pockets of German infantry resistance were neutralized and the remaining Panthers were put down, but not before taking a Stuart and the 105 assault gun down with them.

One HQ team was left hiding in the edge of the NE obj. All other Germans were killed or severely wounded.