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FGM Colour Sergeant
Turn Rate
6+ pw
2-4 games.
Match Winner

Match Loser

Was the result a Draw? No

Combat Mission Version
CM Final Blitzkrieg

Comments on the Battle
A fun game with Bergal. He was attacking with the US Army and I was defending with the German Army. I had to hold a few small hamlets and brought 2 infantry companies, supporting Panthers, and 4 on map 81mm mortars. Bergal brought a US infantry battalion backed by a number of 60mm mortar batteries (off map), a number of Sherman tanks, and some attack aircraft.

Bergal used long range Sherman tank fire and 60mm off map mortar fire to soften my positions prior to assaulting them. However, most of my positions were reverse slope, behind hedgerows, or otherwise not fully exposed.

When Bergal lifted his fires and assaulted these positions, he was met by infantry, Panther, and on map 81mm mortars that had overlapping fields of fire. His men took heavy losses, pulled back, regrouped, and again subjected me to a bombardment followed by another determined ground attack.

One major pain for me was Bergal's airpower which continually machine gunned my men and machines. I had no AA guns and just had to take it. Luckily, the two 500 pound bombs he dropped missed one of my Panthers.

After a few US attacks were thrown back, Bergal decided to call off further attacks and surrendered.

Always great playing with you, Michael!