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FGM Regimental Sergeant Major
Oregon, USA
Turn Rate
6+ pw
5-8 games.
Match Winner

Match Loser

Was the result a Draw? No

Combat Mission Version
CM Final Blitzkrieg

Comments on the Battle
This was a medium quick battle, meeting engagement. Wellsonian (allies) squared off against Hedgehog (German). The map was a variant of the road to Wiltz, with two minor objectives and a Major objective in the middle. The allies brought 2 companies (-) of paratroopers, supported by two Easy 8's and a 105 Sherman. The germans brought what appeared to be a company of infantry supported by two Panthers and three PIVs.
The engagement started with the understrength US company running into a main thrust of Germans during a river crossing. After a sharp fight, the Allies held, thanks in part to the heavily forested terrain. Meanwhile, the full strength company and Shermans managed to seize the two minor objectives and establish defensive positions.
The main German effort shifted to the main objective, and a platoon (+) of paratroopers raised for the hill. One P4 was knocked out by the 105 Sherman (accidentally it turns out....the Sherman was aiming for a halftrack when the 105 round stopped in midair and exploded. Essentially knocking out an unseen Panzer 4. Sweet (lucky)). As the Germans began to occupy the main objective, a forested hill, American bazooka teams managed a flank shot on a Panther, knocking it out. In the first 15 minutes, an engagement between one Easy 8 and German armor destroyed the main gun on the Easy. From then on, that tank just tried to look threatening.
After 30 or so minutes of maneuvering the action began in ernest again, with one platoon and the Easy 8 defeating a combined assault on one of the minor objectives. The P4 in support was close assaulted by infantry and destroyed.
On the major objective, a Panther and P4 supported by infantry knocked aside defending US paratroopers, taking out the gunless Easy 8 in the process, but losing most of their infantry. However, an Allied reinforcing platoon, supported by the 105 Sherman and the second Easy 8 counterattacked and in a swarming battle knocked out the P4 and the remaining infantry. The Panther would not, however, go down so easy. Surviving three (three!) APCR 76mm rounds dead in the flank at a range of 63 meters, the Panther fought on. The Nahverteidigungswaffe did wonders, eliminating several close assault attempts by infantry teams, until the thick smoke cleared enough for the 4th and 5th shots from the Easy 8 to take it out.
The Panther died on the last turn of the game, giving the major objective to the Allies and thus the game. Hedgehog did a great job coming back from some bad luck, and is an excellent, fun, and recommended opponent!
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