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FGM Regimental Sergeant Major
Oregon, USA
Turn Rate
6+ pw
5-8 games.
Match Winner

Match Loser

Was the result a Draw? No

Combat Mission Version
CM Final Blitzkrieg

Comments on the Battle

This was a small meeting engagement Quick battle on a small map, with heavy snow falling. There were 2 minor objectives, and one major objective (a small cluster of buildings). Wellsonian commanded the Waffen SS while @Valkatox commanded the Allies. The Germans consisted of a company of Fusiliers supported by a Tiger and a Stug. Due to a screwup at higher headquarters (ahem, during force selection), no organic indirect fires, either on board or off board, were allocated. The Americans also had around a company plus, with a dismounted 50 cal, two Shermans, and a Jackson TD.
Both sides attempted to move through the heavy forest on the German left flank (American right flank), and a vicious forest battle ensued, which lasted the entire match. The Stug advanced up the forest road, quickly spotted the Jackson, and destroyed it with one shot. Note to Intel, throughout the engagement, the American vehicles seemed to have great difficulty seeing anything....perhaps the optics had frozen in the blizzard conditions. Simultaneously, the Tiger advanced, spotted, and destroyed an American Sherman overwatching the main objective. With 1st platoon effectively stalemated in the forest, 2nd platoon maneuvered on the main objective, overwatched by two HMGs. 3rd platoon moved through a forest on the right flank in a long movement to attempt to flank the American position. Unfortunately, 3rd platoon was hit with highly accurate mortar fire, then ambushed by an American team, sustaining heavy casualties. The flanking maneuver was cancelled, and the remainder of 3rd platoon assigned to overwatch 2nd platoons assault on the main objective.

Both the Stug and Tiger reversed and moved to support 2nd's attempt on the Major objective, and fierce fighting occurred with American forces already on the objective, supported by the remaining Sherman . Upon the appearance of the Tiger, the Sherman retreated behind cover, harassing German positions with main gun and MG fire. With the support of German Armor, 2nd platoon was able to take the major objective with moderate casualties. At this point, the Americans conducted an orderly withdrawal. Thanks as usual to the great opponent @Valkatox for a fun, riveting game. Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 8.36.59 PM.png
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