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FGM Regimental Sergeant Major
Oregon, USA
Turn Rate
6+ pw
5-8 games.
Match Winner

Match Loser

Was the result a Draw? No

Combat Mission Version
CM Fortress Beyond Normandy

Comments on the Battle

This was a small Allied attack quick battle. Wellsonian commanded the American attack while @Valkatox defended as the Germans. The map had two objectives protected by a long, shallow ravine. The terrain was a mixture of orchards and hedgerows, with the Major objective consisting of a small village. The minor objective was a small cluster of buildings protected by a high wall.
The Allied attack force included two veteran paratrooper companies (one understrength with two platoons), selected mainly due to the demo charges each squad carries. In support were four 81mm mortars (onboard), a 105 Sherman, a HMC M8, and a regular Stuart. The Germans defended with an infantry company of some type, a Panzer IV, and a lot of off board artillery (probably mortar) support.
The attack began smoothly, with the full strength company advancing to positions behind hedgerows opposite the ravine and the minor objective. The mortars shelled various danger areas during the advance, with unknown effect. The understrength company advanced to positions opposite the major objective to establish support by fire positions in support of the main effort. The vehicles maneuvered to support the attack on the minor objective.
At this point, vicious German mortar fire began to rain down in a linear fashion all along the allied front, causing enough casualties,to force the planned deliberate attack to transition to a hasty attack. The demo charges came in handy as the main effort company used them to breach several holes in the high wall guarding the objective, and then allowed the assault infantry to breach the side of the first building. The HMC and Stuart advanced to support, while the 105 Sherman swung wide to attempt to flank the objective. All four mortars switched to prepping the main objective at this time. In a vicious fight, the minor obj was secured, although the 105 Sherman was destroyed by a well hidden Panzerschreck team, doing no damage to the defending Germans.
At that time, the P4 showed itself and caused serious damage to the support by fire infantry. The Allied attack froze, with only the HMC and Stuart moving to do their best against the ominous Panzer. Luckily for them, the Panzer moved to attempt to support the minor objective, exposing a flank to the HMC, which launched 3 75mm heat rounds at it, causing the P4 crew to dismount, drawing small arms fire from multiple locations. The Stuart spent two turns knocking out the crewless Panzer.
At this point, the attack continued, with the mortars destroying several buildings and paratroopers penetrating the initial outskirts of the village. The Germans, having suffered the loss of the P4 and under heavy fire from the Stuart and HMC withdrew, ceding the major objective.
As usual, @Valkatox put up a strong defense in this very fun, quick game.