ADDED TO LADDER New Ladder Report Submitted


FGM Sergeant
Turn Rate
6+ pw
2-4 games.
Match Winner: Nemesis

Match Loser: bergal

Was the result a Draw? No

Combat Mission Version: CMFB

Comments on the Battle:

First--I did not submit this with the "Report a Result Button." That button appears to have gone away.

bergal defended with the Germans against my Americans who were attacking at night. I was infantry heavy and pushed a large, concentrated column of infantry at bergal through a narrow strip of forest that extended the entire length of the map and passed near all 5 map objectives. A road ran parallel to this narrow strip of forest. I pushed my armor down this road to support my infantry column. My only other alternative was to attack over open farm fields which I declined to do. As a result, bergal was able to precisely anticipate my axis of advance and set up his defenses accordingly.

Bergal hounded me constantly with SMG infantry ambushes in the forest and constant off map 81mm mortar strikes. The mortar strikes were especially lethal and caused the majority of my infantry losses. At the end of the game, I saw that he had many mortar batteries, a number of TRPs and an FO.

Bergal also had a fair number of AT mines on the road my armor was trying to use. One of my M36 Jacksons managed to run into one such minefield and was immobilized. I was very lucky not to lose two M36s as another M36 had earlier driven through the same minefield without setting any mines off!

A concrete MG bunker halted my advance at one point. I subtly changed my direction of advance, put down a smoke screen, infiltrated behind the bunker, and destroyed it in close combat. But while my advance was halted, 81mm mortars rained down on my column causing heavy losses. Most of the shells were tree bursts and doubly effective as a result.

I managed to grab several objectives and then came to the village of Cheneaux which contained the two largest objectives.

A Tiger held up my advance for quite some time. The vehicle was a damage sponge. First it was immobilized, then it lost its main gun to a bazooka hit and finally was destroyed with a flank shot from an M36 Jackson. A Panther also caused similar issues before being knocked out.

While I am not certain due to the "fog of war," I believe I was able to kill all of bergals officers and his FO which stopped the mortar attacks. Either that, or he ran out of mortar ammunition. With no more mortars and no more armor, Bergal's infantry had to face my numerically superior infantry in some village gun fights. These went well for me and bergal surrendered after he was down to only 4 survivors.

Good game, Michael!