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Will S

FGM Colour Sergeant
Feb 3, 2016
Reaction score
West Coast, USA
Turn Rate
6+ pw
2-4 games.
Winner: Will S

Loser: Fuchs

Was The Result A Draw? No

Combat Mission Version: CMBN

Comments: This was one part of a mirror game, Large purchase QB probe. In this one I was commanding an American attack against a German defense. Full mixed force. We agreed to buy one fully tracked armor vehicle before purchasing a panther/tiger.

The terrain for this one consisted of a lot of very open large fields that surrounded a small town along a main road. The area close around the town was fairly thick with orchards, bocage and walls. Topography was broadly sloping hills, so there were ways to use this for concealed and covered movement, but lots of open ground had to be crossed no matter what path the attackers took and there were some very long LOS options that made long range armor quite deadly. There were many objectives spread out across the map. This was a fight for control of a large portion of the terrain and destruction on the enemy force. There was no one central objective to focus on.

A and B Companies parachute led the attack on the village of Maltot and the surrounding area. B Co spread out to the east through the fields, reconing for the enemy and working toward the Hill 1023 Obj as well as securing a foothold in the hedgerows north of the Maltot intersection. A Co's orders were to advance in force toward the large orchard NW of town, secure the area and then continue the assault into the main objectives from the west. Inital German resistance was fierce, with Americans losing 6 tanks in quick succession. A couple of the lead platoons suffered high losses from concentrated mortar fire. Fortunatley American troops were able to organize and return fire effectively while German troops continued to rush into forward areas where they were neutralized. The remaining small contingent of American armor ( 1 sherm 76, 1 sherm 75, 2 jacksons) got KO hits on German armor and halftracks as they bacame exposed and put effective fire into areas of stubborn German resistance. Germans kept advancing troops toward the front lines and into American LOS. Eventually B Co secured Hill 1023 and the first line of hedges north of Maltot. A Co fought through and secured the large orchard and began to organize for an assault down the highway toward the Maltot intersection. At this point German forces surrendered.

Other part of the mirror game is still ongoing with a lot of time left, will be reported when finished.

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