Stabsarzt (Hauptmann) Günter Stüttgen & Oberst Rösler (Regimental Commander) - Wehrmacht


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Nov 7, 2009
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Sadly I wasn´t able to find a english article about this topic. So a short summary of the story:

Günter Stüttgen was a doctor of a Wehrmacht division at Hürtgenwald. He made possible the Marvel of the Hürtgen Forest. He wouldn´t have been able to do so if his commander Oberst (Colonel) Rösler hadn´t given his assistance in this. Their deed was to get three times a ceasefire with the americans during the Hürtgen Battle and to rescue many a soldier - no matter if german or american. It went so far that GIs and Landsers worked together as in peace times. Landsers carried wounded americans far behind the enemy lines to bring them to their comrades and in safety. Vice versa did the american corpsmen. The fallen were changed as well. Stüttgen, for some days, even run his medical station/point with GIs. From that time on the GIs who were involved always spoken from the German Doctor of the Hürtgen Forest. As a note it is interesting that Stüttgen already beared the Iron Cross (??? Don´t find the source anymore) before he came to Hurtgen Forest. The shame is almost nobody knows his name at the FRG. Even though there is a "Günter-Stüttgen-Medaille" (Günter-Stüttgen-Medal) but it is founded/endowed by the BDG (Berliner Dermatologische Fachgesellschaft) - the Berlin Dermatological Society. Günter Stüttgen was leading assistant medical director of the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität from 1945 on. Later on he was Ordinarius and Head of Departement at the University Dermatology Clinic of the of the Free University of Berlin at the Rudolf-Virchow-Clinic.

For the case someone of You find a english wide-ranging article about the topic I would be glad.