The Tactical Wargamers Journal issue 2

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    The Tactical Wargamers Journal issue 2 written by Michael Dorosh.

    Now I realize MD is about as popular on the Battlefront forums as a dose of the clap and to be honest I personally couldn't care less what anybody thinks of him over there. From a wargaming and scenario design point of view there is a wealth of information in this title covering the invasion of Normandy at a tactical level closer to what we see in CMBN then any single title that I have encountered to date.Loads of maps and a section devoted to the Sherman tank and its variants including the ratio between 75mm and 76mm gunned versions per division per month from 1 Jun 44 through 1 may 45 which is information I have spent hours trying to find for my own Cmx1 scenarios as an example.

    Ironicaly in my opinion public enemy number one at Battlefront has written possibly the best companion book to there current flagship title CMBN that is available at this time.

    For those interested the book can be found at the link below in both hard copy and digital download.
  2. 65$ is too much i think as with the same amount of money i could buy 4 or more,military history related, books.
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    I agree that the hard copy price is a bit too steep. I bought the downloadable version for $10 dollars
  4. 10$ is a reasonable price i think,without wanting to undervalue his work.
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    I bought the download edition and for the price, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

    There are other, more professional books out there, but I don't think they provide the same
    concise overview for the theater and time frame which exactly matches CMBN.


    Mad Mike
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    Yes, Michael Dorosh has provided a lot of great knowledge in these two journals, for the Ostfront people he has a great site that he started about 10 years back Grossdeutschland which is loaded up with goodies too... It is a shame that at times he seems to have an edge to him, I have played CMx1 against him and he really isn't a bad guy... but a knowledgable dude he is...:peep:

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