Trouble in paradise


ben dayhoe

Recently my computer had a major breakdown and had to get wiped clean.After getting it back i am unable to load CMBB from the disc, i keep getting a message saying it is an unlicensed copy. The disc was bought from Battlefront so it is from the manufacturer and definitely licensed because it was working fine until it had to be wiped along with the rest of my stuff. I have tried loading to my desktop first then to the hard drive and straight from the disc repeatedly. All to no avail. What is frustrating is CMAK and CMBN load just fine and show no problems when playing. I am at a loss as to what i should try next. Any help or suggestions would be gratefully accepted. Unfortunately i have several CMBB games in progress and am also signed up for a tournament which i will be unable to finish until this problem gets resolved.


FGM Major
Good Luck,BEN! I have problems with CMBB myself the last weeks. I didnĀ“t change something on my hard- or software but now it was and is always a 50/50 chance to get it started. :( Even several cleaning and new installations of all my software were no good for nothing.

Greetings and have a nice Christmas Time :)