Barkmann’s Corner Revisited

I decided to re-create the battle of Barkmann’s Corner using some of the correct pieces since the Commonwealth module had come out but never got around to it since recently.

I first want to  thank “Jaws” for making the Original outstanding Scenario “Barkmann’s Corner”, it alone helped motivate me to re-create battles that are hopefully just as enjoyable.
I also want to thank the Battlefront Community forums, and to the Scenario Depot.  Just a great group of people that really are a wealth of information and technical skills.
I also have to give credit to the Axis History Forum, in which I credit it as helping me create this scenario.  There I gathered a lot more information in one place then a lot of my books, thanks to the likes of Michael Kenny, RichTO90, & Cannonade.
Also to sites like Achtung Panzer and a few books on the shelf.
Spoiler Alert:
NOTE:  In this Scenario I have Barkmann starting on the Right hand side of the road.  I had read somewhere, cant remember the source, but it would have been a tactic used as the unsuspecting vehicles would have not seen Barkmann’s Panther initially.  Having been on the right hand side
Barkmann would have also most likely seen the tanks traversing through the fields to his left as well.  This obviously is all hypothetical however I think I have tried to recreate another exciting scenario for the most part.
Icon of Barkmann's Corner Revisited Barkmann's Corner Revisited (0.6 MiB)


3 Comments on "Barkmann’s Corner Revisited"

  1. Please enjoy and let me know if this version works, or what tweaks you would like to see. Thanks,


  2. wow, great job! I will have to play it a few times but it’s definitely a different feel to the original scenario. I appreciate the obvious attention to detail in this version. Thanks!

  3. Thank you Chris, I tried very hard to put the engagement in the right area and use the correct equipment and vehicles. As there are two sides to the story I thought it prudent to use both sides information, although little if any could be found by the Allies.

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