CMBN Contact Front! (H2H VERSION)


This is a new H2H version of my scenario ‘Contact Front!’.

I’ve changed and tweaked a lot of things to make it work well against a human opponent, and I have already playtested it three times, so it should be polished and there should not be many bugs or issues with it. But I now need someone to playtest it in order to make sure I get the balance right.

It’s supposed to be winnable for both sides, and also give both players some freedom to make their own plan to attack or defend.

After I get some feedback on this, I will apply it for the Scenario of the Month event.


About the scenario:

British Recon in force attack VS German Army. Infantry centric, with a bit of mostly light armour.

The British player has to take and hold two victory locations while suffering less than 33 pct casualties.

The German player has to prevent this.

Terrain: Light bocage, some heavy bocage, and lots of open ground. Rolling hills, orchards, and a town.


Looking forward to hearing your results with this!

Icon of CW Contact Front H2H Version CW Contact Front H2H Version (0.7 MiB)


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