Duel in the Mist (2.0)


Thank you to all playtesters for their help with the previous versions. A much updated version of “H2H Duel in the Mist” geared towards singleplayer. US v AI only.

Changes reflect more accurate topography and historical units present. This is not a difficult mission, but rather one that stresses force preservation. The American commander can almost certainly win the scenario, but must do so at acceptable cost.

Map Dimensions: 3200m x 3008m

Date: September 20th, 1944

Weather: Light Fog (visibility 700m)

Ground: Damp

Type: Allied attack

Size: Huge (Battalion (+))

Time: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes


2 Comments on "Duel in the Mist (2.0)"

  1. Which game is this for?

    • Hello Tom, this is for Combat Mission Normandy. Apologies, once I get in contact with Bootie I’ll see about cleaning up the mess I’ve made of this page.

      This scenario will require the MG module as well.

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