SL44 (2) Invasion v1

SL44 (2) Invasion v1

An Introduction to an Alternative History.

Shorker’s 1st Squad, on the June 6th 1944 succeeded in destroying the, 17” pounder covering the harbour entrance. The first invasion barges have docked, disembarking troops and armour.

The Fallschirmjager, Germany Army, 2nd Battalion, 7th Company together with the Luftwaffe endeavour to hold the harbour and to take the control of surrounding bridges.

Today it is warm, the light rain has cleared, leaving the ground damp, visibility hazy.

Company size H2H battle …  medium size force… 60 moves

CM:BN Commonwealth-Market Garden-Vehicle Pack

(Fast playing testers needed… needed some independent thoughts,

story continue from SL44(1) Coastal assault, it is an instant battle.)

Icon of SL44 (2) Invasion V1 SL44 (2) Invasion V1 (1.7 MiB)


5 Comments on "SL44 (2) Invasion v1"

  1. Please, please, PLEASE design it so it can be played vs AI!

  2. Hi Evan
    Will be attempting an AI version shortly.

  3. AI game posted… SL44 (2-AI) Invasion, currently at the proving ground.

  4. This is a fun little battle and fits right along with the first SL44… a load of fun and some good replay-ability to get your tactics down right… thankx

  5. Thanks Rick… glad you enjoyed it.

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