CM:SF Ashsh al-Dababir (The Hornets’ Nest)

Iraq’s CTS (Golden Division) with support from 9th Armoured Division plus coalition air & artillery attempt to clear a determined ISIS force from the Hayy el Karamah district of East Mosul.

Single Player – Blue Only.  Intense MOUT operations on a map adapted from a small section of LLF’s mighty Ramadi Government Centre.  (Semi-Historical, November 2016)

CM:SF NATO Module required.

Ashsh al-Dababir

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  1. Grant Thomas | April 2, 2018 at 5:31 am | Reply

    I played this scenerio a few weeks back. I must admit that I was curious after watching the video series on it. I was never in real trouble, although the hidey holes came as a complete surprise, and cost me a few troops, to recapture. It was an excellent urban setting, and very difficult to cover every angle. The almost maze-like structure of the small walled compounds was excellent. I could have used more demo charges.

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