Guys as you know I have just returned from a long weekend in Frankfurt. Despite Frankfurt not exactly being a tourist destination me and my mates decided to go there for a drinking weekend and we were not disappointed. Initially I was not overly excited at the prospect of visiting Frankfurt. In a European trip I look for military museums, historical sites and other interesting places to visit but due to the Allies obliterating the city in WW2 there is not a lot that remains from that period. The German people were tremendously friendly and welcomed us with open arms and I had an amazing time… so much so that Im already in the early stages of planning a return next year and am seriously considering taking German lessons the country endeared itself so much on me. For any of my followers on Facebook I kept it updated with some pics of my trip which usually involved pictures of my drinks or me looking drunk. 🙂

Having got back to the UK I have made some research on the places I visited and have come across some interesting photos.



The above picture is Hitlers visit to the Roemerberg and below is a pic I took of the same area today.


And this area is where he addressed the crowds from.


And the same area today… I suspect the statues were damaged in the bombing raids which caused tremendous carnage to the area.


So despite the Germans really not mentioning WW2 there are still traces of history to be found if your prepared to dig a bit.  Even if its stumbling across a Hells Angel type biker club whose members like singing Nazi songs… ahem.

There are also poignant reminders of the Jews who lost their life during Hitlers rule.  In trees all over the city are the blue and white material straps (concentration camp uniform style) with numbers or names thereon.  These can be researched to find the story of that particular person and what happened to them at the Holocaust museum which I only found out on my return was round the corner from my hotel.

Snap 2015-05-07 at 23.59.05

Some more shots of local landmarks before and after….


Snap 2015-05-07 at 23.57.07






And a little funny story to end of with.  I was at a karaoke night in a pub just across from the Hauptbahnhof and had been there from early evening drinking into the small hours.  Anyway, the compère called for Ralph to come on stage…. he was a no show.  I stepped forward and said I would sing his song… having absolutely no idea what it would be.  Did I nearly shit myself when German lyrics started flashing up on the screen… did I hell I was full of Dutch courage and cracked on.  The folk in the bar knew I couldn’t speak German but were delighted I gave it a go and once the song was finished the bar erupted.  I felt like a rock star and my mates were like WTF just happened… LOL

This was the song….

And this I’m embarrassed to say was my bar bill.  🙂  The wife doesn’t get to see this… LOL  I actually took a photo of it just to prove it was actually real.  HAHAHA.

Snap 2015-05-08 at 00.17.18


  1. Yes i like those then and now Photo’s, in many cases The new is so much nicer than the old, you sound as if you all had a good time, has regard learning German my self I think you should go for it, I wished I had learned another Language, afraid when i was at school that was never a option, And that drinks bill…….Did you get Breakfast as well for that……

  2. No a chicken burger and chips.. We started our session at dinner time… bill was paid at 2 in the morning. 😉

  3. Hi Bootie!
    Thanks for the “Trip Down Memory Lane”!
    I was married at the “Roemerberg” back in ’68 when I was stationed as a Brand New LT with the 3rd Armored Division and married my German Girlfriend who lived in Sachsenhausen on the other side of the Main River from the Frankfurt Cathedral (Your other photo). Those were the days!:)
    I had no idea it had such historical significance with Hitler having been there for a rally!
    Glad you had a great time in Frankfurt! Did you go to Sachsenhausen to try the Apfelvoi/Apple-wine and Ripchen! Just super! If not, make sure you cross to the other side of the Main River on your next foray to Frankfurt and enjoy the best at the Kneipe Zum Grauern Bock!
    In the meantime, have a great day! Adio from Dubrovnik!

    • I did indeed sample the apple-wine perched on a bench outside….. I also visited the Hooters bar across the road. LOL. Glad you enjoyed the pics. I really enjoyed Frankfurt and am considering another trip maybe next year. Although I’ve got Amsterdam and Prague on the itinerary already…. maybe Mrs Bootie will be obliging… LOL

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