Korsun 2017

V2.00 Game Engine 4

H2H or

RED vs AI only.

2017, before daybreak on the 6th June.

RED attack to seize road and rail bridges over the River Ros, using the Forward Security Element

and Advanced Guard of the 2nd Tamanskya Motor Rifle Divsion.

Multi Company engagement. Map 3.5km x 3.5km.

Shameless plug for Kieme’s mods (walls, Oplots etc) and Waclaw’s HQS terrfying arty mod all of

which should be compulsory! and add significantly to the immersion.

I use Kieme’s monument objects5 mod which are ww2 tanks in the palace grounds.



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  1. Lucas Willen | April 22, 2017 at 1:48 pm | Reply

    I attempted to load this scenario twice resulting in CTD at 30% in the loading procedure. I have the latest patches and game version so I must assume the fault lies with the scenario itself which, sadly, is unplayable at this time Please look into this

  2. This is great for H2H if your computer is powerful enough.

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